Need a Project Manager, Analyst, Server Administrator, Programmer, Creative Designer, Search Engine Optimization Marketing Expert without the investment or time commitment?
Look no further than Coders & Logic Systems

Managed Dedicated Programmers

Coders & Logic Systems provides cost effective programmers, project managers, analysts, server administrators, designers, marketing experts and data entry personnel to companies across the United States and throughout the World. Based in the United States, our team of seventy five of competent, hard-working and committed technology professional work out of our state-of-the-art software development center in Chennai, India. All of our experienced professionals are available to work on your projects as though they are your employees for a fraction of what it would cost to hire US-based employees our sub-contractors. Sound too good to be true? See what our customers have to say about our services.

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Fresh / Base Install of Wordpress

New to blogging? Need help setting up WordPress on your domain? look no further. We can get your blog setup with some free professional themes from the Internet. Using professional WordPress developers will save you plenty of time and money ensuring that your blog is installed perfectly the first time.get it installed perfect at first time. It is cheap to use our wordpress installation service.

Social Networking using wordpress

WordPress is also a great platform for a social networking website. We provide BuddyPress WordPress plug-in installation and integration for your blog at a very competitive price. Try this plug-in once and see how many new features it quickly adds to your blog. It enables every member to have their own blog setup, each with different themes. We can also customize the look and feel to match your existing site.

BBpress wordpress forum

Do you need a forum-like discussion board for your blog? BBpress is all you need. You will appreciate how simple and easy BBpress wordpress forum plugin is. We can also customize BBpress to your needs

Simple Wordpress Shopping cart

Do you have a few products and are you looking to setup a shopping cart on your website? Wordpress Shopping cart is a great way to get going. It is easy to setup and add products to sell online. It works with many of the top payment gateways such as in addition to Paypal. If you are looking for something simple and manageable, then WordPress shopping cart is the ideal solution.

Wordpress Business Directory

The Business Directory WordPress plug-in will add great feature to your blog site quickly. You can list businesses on your site to increase your popularity or sell link exchanges to increase revenue and search rankings. We can install this popular plug-in for you at a very competitive price. If you want to add a directory to your existing site and retain the same look and feel, we can do that as well for a nominal charge.

Wordpress Articles Directory

Do you have content and are you looking to organize it to make your site easier to navigate? There is a plug-in for WordPress that creates an article directory on your site. It is made to work with WordPress and we can customize it to meet your needs. This includes the look and feel of the article directory to match your existing site. The WordPress article directory is very well categorized, search engine friendly, and give you many other features and functionality beyond an articles director.

Real estate property listing

Are you a real estate agent and looking for a solution to list properties online? WordPress has a plug-n for real estate agents. We can setup your site with property listings to match the look and feel of your existing site. We can also add additional functionality such as Google maps to your site.

Wordpress Basic Plugin pack

There are top 30 plug-ins every WordPress site should have. We have organized these plugins so that managing your wordpress site is easy. The plug-in list includes top SEO to Cache to spam management. check our list here for the list of plugins we offer with this pack.

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