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Social networking using Open source

What is Social Networking?

Basically, a social network is a structure made up of individuals, groups, or organizations interacting with one another. Social networks are linked by one or more particular types of interdependency, like likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, values, ideas, friendships, romantic relationships, sexual relationships, visions, kinship, conflict, financial exchange, business and much more.

Social networks run on many levels: from the basic units of families, up to the level of nations. They are critically involved in the process of determining solutions to problems, the way businesses and associations are managed, the extent to which individuals become successful in accomplishing their objectives and much more.

The majority of social networks are web-based and provide users various ways to interact. These ways come in the form of instant messaging, email, audio or video conferencing, chat services, and more. Information exchange and communication have greatly improved as a result of social networking particularly for businesses. Businesses and companies have found that the use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook is an excellent way to build their brand’s image.

Open Source Technology Platforms for Social Networking

There are many programs that can be used to develop and design social network profiles or even create one. And since social networking centers mainly on interaction and communication, all social networking websites have several interactive tools such as:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Instant messaging
  • Social libraries
  • Commercial and deliberative social networks
  • Search engines for social networks
  • Prediction markets for business social networks
  • Social guides
  • Online games
  • Economies
  • Real-time collaborative editors

Because the use of social networks is increasing on a daily basis, open source social networking solutions were developed using platforms that offer users an efficient content management system, better functionality and design. The expert social networking programmers at Coders and Logic Systems use open source technologies to implement our clients requirements including:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Moodle
  • Liferay
  • Media Wiki
  • Phpizabi
  • Elgg
  • Pligg
  • Dolphin
  • Movable Type
  • TYPO3

Open Source Social Networking Services Offered by CLsys

  • Website development of social networking sites
  • Social network photo albums and galleries
  • Music and video features
  • Social networking groups and forums
  • Surveys/Polls features
  • “Featured Friends” and “Featured Members” functionality
  • Discussion sections
  • Social networking blog features
  • Social bookmarking functionality
  • Integration of social networking API (e.g. Facebook API) and widgets (e.g. Facebook Widgets)
  • Newsletter features
  • Social networking community chat functionality
  • Member directory functionality
  • Customizable viewing profiles and home pages of members
  • File sharing including audio, video, document, etc.
  • User sign-up for membership functionality
  • User log-in functionality
  • RSS feeds
  • Comments and Testimonials features
  • “Report User” functionality
  • Interactive media compatibility
  • Presence Awareness functionality (e.g. list of online members)
  • Support for embedded files
  • E-commerce functionality

Please contact us with questions or to request more information about our open source social networking services.