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Create Wordpress blog with CMS

What is CMS?

A content management system (CMS) allows you to gain full control over your website updates without the need to learn basic HTML programming. You do not even need to learn how to use content management software. With a CMS, there is nothing to learn. You just sign in to your CMS and add, edit or delete content on your web pages.

WordPress as a CMS

Coders and Logic Systems can have WordPress installed and configured to your server as a CMS. You will have a simplified and professional administration panel for easy management of your website content. We also make your WordPress blog SEO-friendly by providing optimized data. Our WordPress Customization Team is very experienced at incorporating third party plug-ins and modules that increase the functionality of your site. Additional functionality that can be incorporated into your WordPress site include SEO-friendly URLs, site statistics, photo gallery, visual editors, multi-language capability, file upload option, and much more. We can also customize any third party WordPress module or develop our own custom plug-ins to give you the features that you need. Working with Coders and Logic System, you will end up with a fast-loading, SEO-friendly website with effortless navigation.

Customize Your WordPress Blog

Do you want your personal or your business thoughts shared online? Do want to launch your own business blog? Do you want your existing blog to generate revenue? Then Coders and Logic System can help.

Coders and Logic Systems will provide you with a WordPress based blog application installed on your server. We can also customize your blog to reflect your unique needs or get a customized application for your online blog that will be integrated with the existing design of your website. Coders and Logic Systems can also set up a user-friendly Administration panel for your blog. Moreover, we can direct more traffic to your blog by offering RSS syndication, incorporating Yahoo!, Google AdWord campaigns, and submitting it to blog directories. We are full-service WordPress provider.

Our WordPress Services

Coders and Logic Systems offers the following services for WordPress:

  • WordPress blog installation, customization, and design integration
  • Development of custom WordPress design templates, themes, plug-ins and modules
  • Development of a maintenance system for WordPress sites
  • WordPress hosting services

Advantages of Our WordPress Services

  • Exclusiveness. Coders and Logic Systems will combine custom coding with open source programming resulting in all of the benefits that comes with using WordPress without looking like another website template.
  • Rapid turnaround time. Once your design is approved, our professional WordPress developers can have your site ready to load new content in two to three days time.
  • Hosting.We can assist you in finding the right host for your WordPress website or we can host it ourselves.

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