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Create OsCommerce Shopping cart

What is a Shopping Cart?

A shopping cart is a program that lets anyone easily create an e-commerce website. Because of the quality of many shopping cart applications, a professional-looking e-store is effortlessly achievable. Features include the ability to show as many pictures as you want, amongst others that will enable you to start being able to accept payments online. Your buyers will be able to select quantity of products and services that they want to buy. Payments can then be made via credit card or through PayPal. The shopping cart software automatically computes the total amount of the purchase including taxes and shipping rates as well.

What is OSCommerce?

OSCommerce is a free e-commerce solution that is based on an open source platform and released under GNU General Public License. It has many features and functionalities that make it possible for just about anyone to quickly set up an online store.

Why Coders & Logic Systems Programmers for OSCommerce?

Coders & Logic Systems has a team of OSCommerce experts that are highly proficient with the customization, development and enhancement of OSCommerce technology. We can help you customize OSCommerce to reflect the unique requirements of you and your clients.

The OSCommerce team of Coders and Logic Systems has a great deal of experience with not only OSCommerce but also Magento, CRELoaded and more. We have even built our own shopping cart solution that we use for those clients that require a very customized e-commerce solution. Our solutions are in use with a wide range of end-users ranging from very small web development companies to medium and large corporations.
The OSCommerce Services Offered by Coders & Logic Systems

  • Basic OSCommerce Services:
    • OSCommerce installation and configuration
    • Development of OSCommerce source codes
    • Modification of OSCommerce-based scripts
  • OSCommerce Service Areas of Expertise:
    • OSCommerce design and maintenance
    • Custom development of OSCommerce modules, themes and templates
    • OSCommerce integration and search engine optimization (SEO) Services
  • OSCommerce Customization Features:
    • OSCommerce integration of SEO-friendly features and template customization
    • Customization of OSCommerce modules based upon the client’s requirements
    • Design updates of every web page according to client’s requirements

Why Create OSCommerce Shopping Cart?

  • Ease-of-use

    It is very easy to manage an OSCommerce shopping cart since it comes with a mechanized setup of various e-commerce systems. Once your online store is all set up, you can begin to add an unlimited number of products with the ability to manage them systematically.

  • Multiple payment options

    OSCommerce provides you the ability to accept payments in many different forms including money orders, checks, credit cards, Paypal, 2Checkout and more. Furthermore, OSCommerce comes with shipping and tax functionality that allows you to set tax rates per country or product, and have an item shipped according to the real-time quotes from various delivery services such as UPS, Federal Express and USPS.

  • Maximum flexibility

    You will have the ability to do practically anything to your online store with OSCommerce. You can customize your headers, replace the theme used, change the templates, add more functionality, redesign the layout, and more. OSCommerce has more than 3,400 modules available for free that you can download and have added to the default installation.

What you can expect out of OsCommerce Shoppinng cart?

Complete features list


  • Product Display
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Buy-Now button option
  • Products search
  • Manufacturer information
  • Product Options
  • Unlimited product options (i.e. color, size)
  • Unlimited product options attributes (i.e. red, blue,green) Options effect price
  • Product Data Stored Name, price and description
  • Product image
  • Weight (for shipping calculations)
  • Date available
  • Model Number (for easier order fulfillment)
  • Inventory counter
  • Image upload tool for each product
  • In stock or out of stock setting
  • Automatically allows for additional languages

Shopping Cart

  • Temporary (not logged on) and permanent (logged on) shopping carts
  • Auto tax calculation
  • Remove products
  • Edit quantity of products in cart
  • See options and option prices
  • Order Process
  • Clear checkout procedure
  • Customer registers when placing order
  • Repeat customers need only login to place orders
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • Choice of shipping and payment options
  • Order Confirmation
  • Automatic E-mail notifications for new registration and each order placed
  • Customer is notified of customer center


  • Giving access to important information to the customer and managing that information is easy.
  • Customer Account (what the customer sees) Edit contact info
  • Customer address books (other shipping destinations) Order history
  • Order status
  • Email newsletter subscription status (can easily subscribe and unsubscribe)
  • Customer Management (what you see)
  • View all customers registered
  • Email specific, all or subscribed customers
  • Edit customer information


  • Most shopping carts do not address marketing. osCommerce brings high end logic to the entire shopping experience.
  • Specials Temporarily set special price Can be percentage or number that does not effect actual price data
  • Special price is shown next to actual price
  • Specials are highlighted through out the site
  • Customer Interaction
  • Product reviews by site members
  • Bestseller lists automatically calculated
  • Display what other customers have brought (relating to the current product displayed)
  • Send to a friend

Administrative Functionality

  • New design for user-friendliness
  • Backup tool
  • Statistics for products and customers
  • Add/Edit/Remove
  • categories
  • products
  • manufacturers
  • customers
  • reviews


  • Not tied together with the catalog module (admin module can be installed on another server)
  • Modules Multiple payments modules: Paypal, Credit Card, C.O.D, and more.


Set most aspects of store information Store name,
Email address,Location, and other settings can be easily viewed and edited.Tax zones, classes, and rates
Configuration parameters are in the database for remote editing.

Multiple shipping modules

Flat Rate
Custom Price Tables.