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Hire Data Entry Operator (DEO)

Hire Data Entry Operator (DEO)

Now only $1,200 for 160 hours a month or $7.5 per hour

Our Benefits

  • 100% in-house development
  • Direct access to qualified developers
  • 90-day warranty on all projects
  • 24-hour response time
  • Reach us by phone/email/chat
  • You own the source code
  • Your information is safe
  • Ethics drives our business
  • Very competitive pricing
  • You work with the specialists
  • FREE quote within 24 hrs
  • The Coders & Logic Systems Data Entry specialists are experienced in providing the following services:

    • Newsletter management
    • Email list compilation
    • Documentation of business transactions
    • Online retrieval of documents
    • Data capture, collection and processing
    • Online catalogs
    • Form processing
    • Image support
    • Document management
    • Digital conversion of data (paper to digital format)
    • Billing and receipts
    • Phone directory listing
    • Database management
    • Online data aggragation
    • File conversions
    • e-book publishing
    • Document imaging and scanning

    Benefits of Coders & Logic Systems Data Entry Specialists

    Coders & Logic Systems provides our clients with the following benefits:

    • Exceptional data entry skills
    • Quality output assured
    • Fast delivery of services
    • Enhanced website visibility
    • SEO-friendly features
    • Data conversion capabilities
    • Elimination of the need for paper-based communication
    • Data conversion to digital format, allowing data sharing in minutes
    • Generation of quality back links
    • Efficient organizational set-up
    • all data-entry specialists are Coders & Logic Systems employees

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