Need a Project Manager, Analyst, Server Administrator, Programmer, Creative Designer, Search Engine Optimization Marketing Expert without the investment or time commitment?
Look no further than Coders & Logic Systems

Dedicated Programmers

Dedicated Programmers

Now only $1,800 for 180 hours a month or $10 per hour

Our Benefits

  • 100% in-house development
  • Direct access to qualified developers
  • 90-day warranty on all projects
  • 24-hour response time
  • Reach us by phone/email/chat
  • You own the source code
  • Your information is safe
  • Ethics drives our business
  • Very competitive pricing
  • You work with the specialists
  • FREE quote within 24 hrs
  • Project Outsource Service vs. Dedicated Programmers Service

    In project outsourcing, you will inform our team of your overall preferences and requirements and we deliver you the end product. Our team will take care of everything, beginning from the acquisition of the requirements to delivery of the final solution. Over the entire life cycle of the project development, our team is responsible for everything.

    The dedicated Programmers of Coders & Logic Systems, on the other hand, will work dedicatedly as an extension of your in-house team while you manage the entire process of project execution at your end. Like your in-house team, our dedicated programmers will do all the tasks you have assigned to them, and report on these tasks when needed. The part of assigning the tasks, executing the project, and reporting does not involve the Coders & Logic Systems dedicated programmers in any way.

    Who Needs Our Services?

    The dedicated programmers of Coders & Logic Systems cater to freelancers, start-up establishments, small-time companies and growing businesses that require professionals with outstanding skills who are also highly capable of minimizing the costs for operations and business risk.

    We can assist you in cutting down the initial cost of your system setup considerably in terms of manpower, hardware and software resources, and installation infrastructure. This eliminates the need for an IT department management system, allowing you to use your resources for other key initiatives instead.

    We also offer our services to the already established businesses and companies that need to enlarge their recruitment for the technical department, to be able to meet demand in the market. Our dedicated programmers are exceptionally talented and highly capable of helping you meet any vital requirement or face any challenge needed in project development life span. You can get to eliminate the expenses for management of a local staff at your end since your offshore dedicated programmers function as an extension to your in-house team.

    We can also work for those who require a long-term partnership that involves a substantial amount of work. We offer this service to companies who are in need of dedicated developers to work on some projects offsite.

    How Does The Hiring Process Work?

    Hiring a dedicated programmer from us is straightforward and easy. The following are the things that happen during the hiring process:

    • The client sends his preferences and requirements to Coders & Logic Systems.
    • An expert business analyst from our team will analyze the preferences and requirements of the client.
    • The business analyst will look for the appropriate candidate/s to do the work from our team of dedicated programmers.
    • If there are suitable programmers, the business analyst will provide the client detailed information about them. If no resources are suitable for the job, the analyst then searches the market for a suitable profile.
    • The client either approves or dismisses the credentials of the proposed dedicated programmer/s. If he dismisses, the process starts again from the beginning. If he approves, the analyst will arrange for an interview between the client and the approved dedicated programmer’s.
    • The client then interviews the dedicated programmer/s. If he decides that they are fitting for the job, Coders & Logic Systems allocates the programmer/s to work for the client for a trial period.
    • At the end of the trial period, we would ask the client for his reviews on the dedicated programmer/s performance. If the client is satisfied, a contract will be made and signed to hire the dedicated programmer/s to work for the asked period.

    Hire Our Dedicated Programmers

    Coders & Logic Systems provides the following services:

    CLsys also offers a Hire Our Monthly Programmer service for web design firms and companies. You can find more information about it here.