Need a Project Manager, Analyst, Server Administrator, Programmer, Creative Designer, Search Engine Optimization Marketing Expert without the investment or time commitment?
Look no further than Coders & Logic Systems

Pay As You Go

Knowledge Cloud Service

Hire from our team of experts the skills you need for your project and let them work with your in-house team. Have them complete their task for you. Finished with the project and no longer needs our team’s services? Then pay as you go! Pay them for their service, notify us at least one week in advance, and then unplug them from your in-house team.

Coders & Logic Systems offers knowledge cloud services to provide all businesses, whether big or small, the ability to cut down on IT costs considerably by sharing a common pool of IT services and assets.

How Does It Work?

Coders & Logic Systems has a vast portfolio of infrastructure assets that include hardware, software, internet, services, disaster recovery, and support. All the technology resources you will get from us are delivered from highly available data centre facilities that are secure, and fault-resilient.

With the knowledge cloud services provided by CLsys, you would only pay for the services used. This prevents you from paying hours for the wrong services. This pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-use approach implemented using a cost-to-cost basis benefit companies of all sizes in terms of reliability, performance, and scalability of corporate technology in the form of a monthly service charge that is free from capital costs and is cash flow friendly.

  • Software
    • E-mail
    • File and Print
    • Microsoft Office
    • Database
  • Hardware

    • Memory
    • Drivers
    • Servers
    • Circuits
  • Services

    • Information Technology Monitoring
    • Information Technology Consulting
    • Information Technology Management
  • Disaster Recovery

    • Business Continuity
    • Performance Stability
    • Office File Recovery
    • I.T. Asset Recovery
  • Internet

    • Hosting
    • Connection
    • Bandwidth
    • Proxy
  • Customer Support

    • Help Desk
    • System Maintenance

What Services You Will Get?

  • Service Model
    • Special code creation and implementation
      • Fast service capable of meeting corporate needs
      • Optimization of knowledge cloud service for government agency requirements
      • High level of availability and efficiency of resources
    • Maximum data security
      • Security system designed for sensitive data
      • Data is never decrypted
    • Cost-effective World-class Technology
      • Exceptional power
      • Maximum security
      • Great bandwidth
      • Remarkable redundancy
    • Data Management
      • Data collection
      • Reporting
      • Billing and Support services
  • Business Model
    • Low Operating Cost
      • One-time fee for installation and setup
      • Monthly fees for management
    • Flexibility
      • Reasonable terms and conditions
      • Low entry costs
      • In-house hosting opportunities during period of contract
      • Scalable, business growth model
    • Marketing Support
      • Market research resources
      • Sales tools

What Benefits Will You Get?

  • Exceptional Technology Infrastructure
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Enhanced Level of Service
  • Business Empowerment
  • Business Flexibility
  • Choice of Service
  • Quality Assured Services

The knowledge cloud services of Coders & Logic Systems are delivered from within reliable and greatly accessible service facilities that include multileveled security systems, superfluous power systems, and highly-advanced interface controls.

Because Coders & Logic Systems utilize word-leading project technology assets from the top company makers including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Emc, VMWare, and Cisco, you can begin planning your enterprise with the confidence and trust that all your future needs and requirements when it comes to information technology, can and will be delivered quickly, dependably and efficiently.

Furthermore, because knowledge cloud service works by sharing assets and support services, clients can benefit from substantially lower operating costs, and improved service. Moreover, since the team from Coders & Logic Systems is the one working to deliver the internal I.T. services of a client, the client’s company and its management can use their time and resources to focus on growing their business while being assured that the overheads of management and capital investment are being taken care of by highly-capable and efficient professionals.