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Hire dedicated .NET Programmers

Microsoft .NET has plenty to offer for internet, Our expert .net web developers can work with VB.NET, C# and Ms SQL database. When you hire .net programmers from us you will have a expert team around the clock.

Hire dedicated .NET Programmers

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Our Benefits

  • 100% in-house development
  • Direct access to real developers
  • 90 days warranty on projects
  • 24 hours response time
  • Reach us by phone/email/chat
  • You own the source code
  • Your information is safe
  • Ethics drives our business
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  • What is Microsoft .NET?

    Microsoft .NET is a technology built on XML Web service standards designed to allow people, systems, information and devices to connect with each other. It uses the following file formats and protocols to enable connection of applications with web programs and software across various programming languages and platforms:

    • Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
    • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
    • UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration)

    What Are the Services offered by the .NET Programmers of CLsys?

    The dedicated programmers of Coders & Logic Systems specialized on .NET programming and development of .NET-based applications offer the following services:

    • .NET Specials
      • Content Management System (CMS) Development
      • Real Estate System Development
      • Bank Claims Management System Development
      • Appraiser Management System Development
      • Auction Website Development
      • Shopping Cart Development
      • Socket-based Programming
      • Development of other B2C Applications
    • Server Testing
      • Server for the operation of demo versions with full-time with senior network and infrastructure managers
      • Sever for the operation of demo versions with full-time with two junior engineers for infrastructure and connection issues
      • Client testing
      • Internal testing
    • Development Environment Platforms
      The .NET programmers of CLsys make use of the following needed utilities for the development of .NET-based applications:

      • DB Microsoft Clients (based on clients’ requirements)
      • Development tools (based on clients’ requirements)
      • Microsoft Visual Source Safe Client
      • Microsoft .NET Framework (supported versions include 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0)
      • Microsoft Visual Studio (supported versions include 2003 and 2005)
    • Source Controls
      • Implementation of contingency planning measures
      • Employment of source control applications
      • Use of Microsoft Visual Source Safe Tool for all .NET-based development requirements
      • Separate server for source control applications
      • Guarantees protection through backup servers
    • Database
      CLsys offers database functionalities and options through the use of the following database platforms:

      • MySQL
      • Oracle (supported versions include 9i and 10g)
      • Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) (supported versions include 200 and 2005)
    • Coding
      • Code standardization
      • Enhanced code readability and structure
      • Code naming conventions based on Microsoft .NET Library Standards
    • Other Services
      • Use of open source applications (e.g. Cruise Control)
      • Use of unit-testing frameworks such as NUnit for .NET-based programs
      • Maintenance of standard template used for client inquiries
      • Maintenance of standard template used for logging problems
      • Maintenance of standard template used for application extras and features
      • Use of Microsoft Enterprise Libraries
      • Standard 3-Tier Architecture
    • Other Competencies on .NET Technology
      • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
      • C# development
      • SQL reporting services
      • SQL servers
      • Microsoft .NET enterprise servers
      • Web servers controls
      • Web form development
      • ADO.NET development
      • ASP.NET website development
      • Migration of applications from .NET platform
      • Migration of applications to .NET platform
      • Windows CE.NET
      • .NET design architecture
      • UDDI development
      • SOAP development
      • .NET-based web service development
      • .NET-based software product development
      • .NET design evaluation
      • .NET Compact Framework
      • .NET-based desktop application development
      • .NET-based system design and development