Need a Project Manager, Analyst, Server Administrator, Programmer, Creative Designer, Search Engine Optimization Marketing Expert without the investment or time commitment?
Look no further than Coders & Logic Systems

Our Infrastructure

Located in Chennai, India and Central California, the team at Coders and Logic Systems have successfully completed over 500 projects for clients throughout the United States and the World. We currently have close to 80 IT knowledge workers who are experts in various disciplines including computer programming, project management, and design. The team at Coders and Logic Systems place great emphasis on our client’s business objectives and tailor our solutions according.

With seating capacity of close to 120 programmers, our development center in Chennai India has everything in place to make your project a reality. Some features of offshore software development center include:

  • 120+ Latest Workstations (Intel P4 Machines & higher)
  • High speed 1 mbps connectivity
  • Intel based servers loaded with Windows Servers and Linux
  • Videoconferencing is available.
  • High-End Servers (Intel Xeon Servers)
  • Regular Data Backup
  • Disaster Management
  • Access control system with physical security guards.
  • 24/7/365 Power Availability
  • Comprehensive Intranet for Project Management,
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Internal Office communication and knowledge sharing

Our team is made up of highly capable and experienced professionals adept in all domains including animation, web design, project management, web development, research, database administration, mobile development, publishing, quality assurance, security and authentication, and open source technology. Moreover, we make use of world-class technology platforms from the leading software providers for the best project management and debugging tools to guarantee that all client objectives are met on time.

With our team’s skill, experience, values, and expertise, our clients’ requirements are guaranteed to be delivered to their satisfaction.