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Sociable – New must have plugin!

I came across this new plugin by Yoast. It is really nice and thought anyone who like to get the benefits of social networking must include this to their blogs. Sociable is a plugin which adds social media buttons to your posts, and does so easily, and beautifully.

You can even add your website to list just by few simple steps they have given. Explore this new plugin and add it today you will love it. You can download it from wordpress site or from the authors friend website who managed to publish it after his friend developed for 8 months.

If you need any help with wp custom programming or development or custom wp theme creation contact me :)

Why hire programmers?

When we launched our company in 2003 most of work we closed are fixed bid projects or hourly projects. Most of our clients are SME and entrepreneurs who have limited budget to get their ideas live. So our quote for projects has to be competitive and get the project completed in within quoted time and cost. Sometimes customers have to remove or reduce the scope of work to get the work within their budget. We have personally experienced the pressure of working with less money, so we thought of finding a solution where entrepreneurs don’t have to commit a big cost upfront but develop in iterations or phases without compromising scope and budget.

We are one of pioneer companies from India to introduce hire monthly or dedicated programmers model to entrepreneurs and companies. All of our php and lamp programmers have at least 3+ years of experience and worked on plenty of client’s projects. So when you choose Coders & Logic for your project your have our guaranteed that you working with an expert who can start to get things done with little info and plenty of savings in cost. Our rates are very nominal and thanks to Chennai, India where cost of living is very low and has plenty of software programmers and engineers.

If you are looking for a reliable team to bring your idea live with in your budget, high quality and reliable expert team. Speak with us once so we can explain how we can plug into your existing team and contribute to your dream come true.

Email me Saran at clsys dot com

First wordpress custom development –

We managed to get our first Job completed, we are going to populate the data very soon and make it live. The current site will be hosted at  Android Development.

This site has wordpress as CMS, Blog, Forum by BBpress, Articles directory plugin, Service providers directory, Application directory and many more. we are excited about this first opportunity and hoping to get more oders very soon.

If you need any information regarding our wordpress custom development please feel free to ask me saran at

Launching wordpress as everything

We are happy to announce new package for wordpress. Word press as Everything, as a developer we are getting many orders repeated like CMS , Shopping cart, Forum and many others. So we thought of making these packages for wordpress.

As you are aware wordpress is simple but also very strong when it comes to extending support to any needs of business using its plugins and community contributions. What we are at Coders and Logic are doing is collecting all these famous and frequently used plugins from community and helping customers to use them at very cheaper price.

Checkout our wordpress packages so you can recommend to your friends or business. Our prices are cheap and we make sure our customer get the maximum benefits out of it.

Wordpress and other plugins we are offering are from wordpress and wordpress community contributed. We are only providing customization and intallation services to our customers. We don’t own or license these plugins or source code. Please check the owners website to study about the licensing requirements.